بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

Dec 24, 2010, NEWS

In News on December 24, 2010 at 11:29 am

“Behold! The angels said: ‘O Mary! God giveth thee glad tidings of a Word from Him. His name will be Jesus Christ, the son of Mary, held in honor in this world and the Hereafter and in (the company of) those nearest to God.” [Quran, 3:45]

How Muslims can be more successful in 2011. Meha Ahmad, SoundVision

Quran, Islam and life. Linda Heywood, Bella Online

Friday Nasiha: Weekly reminders for successful life. 12/24/10

Muslim communities gather to deliver Christmas greetings. Jakarta Post, 12/24/10

On Islamic environmentalism. Sadia Dehlvi, Friday Times, 12/24/10

Essence of Islam, Christianity same. Daily Advance, 12/24/10

Put women to test and they will shine. Malaysian Star, 12/24/10

Muslims across Canada spend Christmas weekend renewing their faith. Vancouver Sun, 12/24/10

Curry favour for homeless. Scotsman, 12/24/10

All roads lead to Kashmir. Solving the dispute between India nad Pakistan is vital to achieving a broader regional peace. Boston Globe, 12/24/10

World Cup investments to boost Qatar. ninemsn, 12/24/10

Islamic Center lives up to Muslim teachings, generously donates to needy. Toledo TV-24, 12/23/10

Christian, Muslim communities bound by mutual trust: Pakistan Prime Minister. APP, 12/23/10

Walking in the footsteps of Jesus. Zafar Siddiqui, Minneapolis Star Tribune, 12/23/10

U.S. can energize Mideast peace talks by recognizing Palestine as a state. John Quigley, Sacramento Bee, 12/23/10

I gave my nanny a Hijab for Christmas. Lina Zedovich-Rozman, Parent Dish, 12/23/10

Waleed Abdalati named NASA’s Chief Scientist. Moniza Khokhar, Elan, 12/23/10

American-Muslim group urges Palestinians to visit Holocaust Museum. Gadling, 12/23/10

Muslim leaders, clerics come out to fight against AIDS. Two circles, 12/23/10

The grand Hassan II mosque in Casablanca. Ehab Zahriyeh, Elan, 12/23/10

Interview: Imam Feisal Abdul Rauf. Newsweek

There’s something about Islam. Michael Gonyea, IslamiCity, 12/23/10

Islamic banking thriving. Independent, 12/23/10

U.S. to pay $2.5 million for wiretapping Islamic charity. AHN, 12/23/10

United Arab Emirates to invest $136 billion in aviation industry. MENA-FN, 12/23/10

Iran allocates $9.6 billion for 5 railway projects. Tehran Times, 12/23/10

Young Russians in search of faith are turning to Islam. Washington Post, 12/22/10

Turkey to build new tram line to connect cruise tourists to Blue Mosque. World Bulletin, 12/23/10

TSA scanners, pat-downs particularly vexing for Muslims, other religious groups. Washington Post, 12/23/10

ADC honors Muslim Legal Fund of America. MLFA

An experience of a Muslim American during Katrina. ‘Zeitoun’ is the true story of an American Muslim’s heroic efforts. Ghazala Hayat, St. Louis Post-Dispatch, 12/22/10

The U.S. needs to get tough with Israel. Yousef Munayyer, Los Angeles Times, 12/22/10

Postcard from Abu Dhabi: Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque. Hoda Baraka, Al Masry Al Youm, 12/22/10

Shawn Rae enhances ‘Dialogue’ between Christian Pope and Muslim King, one song at a time. PR Newswire, 12/22/10

Israel fears UK moving towards recognizing Palestinian state. Belfast Telegraph, 12/22/10

O’ little town of Bethlehem today. Ron Forthofer, Counter Currents, 12/21/10

A Muslim’s view of Jesus the refugee. Irfan Yusuf, Eureka Street, 12/21/10

Long perilous jorney ends with city-built mosque in place in inuvik, North Pole.
Claremont School of Theology to train Muslim clergy. ISNA, 12/21/10

Time to move on Mideast peace. Desmond Tutu and Jimmy Carter, USA Today, 12/21/10

NY mosque named top religion story of 2010. Ethics Daily, 12/20/10

The world’s number 1 best selling BlackBerry application is ‘made in Pakistan’!

West Haven Muslim seminary student featured in PBS documentary. Fairfield Weekly, 12/20/10

Dirty Laundry: Having a Muslim Christmas. Aisha Sultan, Kansas City Star, 12/20/10

Bangladeshi American community held historic reception for Congessman-elect Hanson Clarke. Mohammad Anwar, NY Muslim Examiner, 12/20/10

5 ridiculous things you probably believe about Islam. Cracked.com, 12/20/10

Umar Ibn al Khattab among the most influential people in history. Mohammad Yacoob, IslamiCity, 12/19/10

Millions of flood victims in Pakistan now face harsh winter. Brian McAfeem, Counter Currents, 12/19/10

Muslim celebration honors Muhammad Ali as lifetime humanitarian. Louisville Courier-Journal, 12/19/10

Muslim convention ponders interaction with American culture. Raja AbdulRahim, Los Angeles Times, 12/19/10

Islamic Circle of North America launches ICNA-TV. ICNA, 12/19/10

Muslim community center opens in Sioux Falls, SD. Keloland TV. 12/19/10

Istanbul mosque gets ‘magestic’ makeover. NY Times, 12/19/10

Spreading peace 15 seconds an hour in Times Square. NY Times, 12/18/10

Love for Jesus can bring Christians, Muslims together. Ibrahim Hooper, Washington Post, 12/18/10

Islam classes for youth get new home. Ft. Wayne Journal Gazette, 12/18/10

Improving ties to Islamic countries a priority: New Iranian FM. VOA, 12/18/10

American Baptist leaders return from study tour in Middle East. Assiciated Baptist Press, 12/17/10

Muslim Americans artists strive to bridge a chasm. NY Times, 12/17/10

Christmas Day interview with Kansas City women. CJME, 12/17/10

WikiLeaks cables: India accused of systematic use of torture in Kashmir. Guardian, 12/17/10

Germany will begin Afghan exit next year. NY Times, 12/17/10

My visit to Oman. Dr. Mohamed Elmasry, Canadian Charger, 12/17/10

Jesus and Mary hold positions of respect. Sarwat Husain, San Antonio Express-News, 12/16/10

What does the Quran say about Jesus? About.Islam

UN Agency condemns Arab home demolitions in Jerusalem. BBC News, 12/24/10

Muslim community plans free Christmas meal. Oklahoman, 12/24/10


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