بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم


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QURAN: “Say: ‘He is the One God: God the Eternal, the Uncaused Cause of All Being. He begets not, and neither is He begotten; and there is nothing that could be compared with Him.'” [112]

HADITH: “O Allah, forgive me, have mercy on me, guide me, and support and provide for me, let there be light in my heart, light in my sight, light in my hearing, and light in my own soul.”


1. I would be interested in your comments regarding a recent dialogue between myself and Kamal Nawash; President of the Free Muslim Coalition. The video is now available in its entirety at http://www.openlettertoday.com. Rev. Howie Gardner, Bel Air Assembly of God.

2. Digest has a more comprehensive version and I am comfortable with it, although the older version enabled direct access to various items. Now there is the additional step of first going to the website. I am sharing this website with various friends. It is a great service to the community–deep thanks. Could you kindly send me your direct postal address where I could send a donation for your cause? I find Paypal difficult to use. Thanks. Best wishes/prayers, always…Prof. S.M. Ghazanfar Ph.D; Moscow, Idaho.

3. I am appreciating your sending me your information–sometimes it’s more than I can absorb. I do have a question. First, we used to have gatherings that included Muslim, Jewish, Christian–I recall the chef from the Middle East. Am I missing something? Also, you once visited our evening prayer group here in Kansas City North. We appreciated that very much. Now I am interested in being in an interfaith dialogue–one that gathers to seek the truth in the other. I believe having such a place to bring our attentive listening and an openness to Truth where we find it is vital to our coming to global reverence and peace. At this time I am not in any such dialogue and would appreciate the opportunity. What is offered here in KC? What would you suggest? I know much is going on here in the city–I”m just not plugged in at this time. Thank you for your consideration and information. Blessings on all you do to inform and unite. Marilyn Peot, Kansas City, MO.

4. As-Salaam Alaikum….This was an excellent article about the life and journey of our lengedary brother and friend, Luqman Hamza. The musical selection shared in this article, song by Luqman and his wife, was truly wonderful as well. It is extremely important that we feature members of our community who have made considerable contributions to the arts and culture, over and above just their religious endeavors. It is encouraging to future generations of Muslims to be made aware of these loved individuals, and to give them their proper acknowledgement and recognition, while they are still among us. I wish to congratulate and thank everyone who had the wisdom and foresight to develop this wonderful and appreciative article. Alhamdulillah!! Sulaiman Z. Salaam, Sr.


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  1. As-Salaam Alaikum…This News Digest is “Right-On”, so to speak! It truly brings to life the information contained within it, utilizing the impressive electronic format built into its structure. I, personally, enjoy being channeled directly to a featured article and the various media and websites from which the articles or announcements orginated. However, if I was to offer any suggestions to possibly expand the readership and social impact of the MND, it would be to offer a consideration for the creation a sub-section within the Muslim News Digest, which features and promotes muslim businesses, both retail, professional services and eCommerce related enterprises, within our Kansas City Metropolitan communities. The current electronic format of the MND has the capability to take that task to an entirely different level, never before achievable, due to limited technological capacities. We must encourage and stimulate economic growth and entreprenurial engagement within our community. The circulation of our dollars among, and within, our respective communities, and an even greater access to the general consumer market, is crucial and paramount to our future economic stability and prosperity. My recommendation would be that all participants have at least an electronic page featuring their business or service, if they don’t have a website which can be linked by the Digest. However, any business can create a “free” marketing page themselves for this purpose. But, if they don’t have the technical skills or desires to do so, I am sure that there are plenty brothers and sisters, who would love to facilitate the creation of their page, or even their website, for a reasonable fee. Also, additionally in each issue of the MND, there could be a featured story, caption or article about a specific business or professional service entity in our community, depicting or acknowleging their journey towards financial independence and economic success. I can see this effort growing substantially and becoming a major part of the Muslim News Digest’s impact on our local communities. This “Business In Our Lives” section could also feature articles periodically from knowledgable writers in our community containing subject matters of economics or finance from an enlightening or educational perspective. Should this be approached with an aggressive, methodical determination, I believe, that it will enevitably command and earn a committed financial support from the Business Community in the metropolitan area, and thus provide sustantial economic support toward sustaining the Digest monetarily, insha Allah. These are just some of my thoughts and suggestions towards a more viable and electrofying future for the Muslim News Digest….Thanks, and may Allah continue to Inspire and Protect your efforts! I am sure that our collective communities admire and appreciate this News Digest.

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